How can I print a certificate?

You can get a certificate on paper via the CoronaCheck website:

Date of birth is incorrect

Send an email to with your appointment number and your correct date of birth.

I have not received my result yet nog

The result of a PCR test can take up to 24 hours and that of a Rapid Antigen test up to 3 hours. If this time has passed, please send us an email to with your reference number..

Questions about CoronaCheck app

View the frequently asked questions of the CoronaCheck app:

Is my travel certificate valid outside Europe?

Due to the different regulations, we are unfortunately unable to make any statements about this. Check the website to see what is needed for your trip.

Why is my passport number not on the certificate??

If you make an appointment via you will only receive the CoronaCheck collection code. This allows you to print a certificate or add a QR code to your CoronaCheck app. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to issue our own travel certificate for appointments via

Would you prefer a full travel certificate? Then make an appointment at . Unfortunately, we cannot offer these for free.

Other question?

Send an email to: